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Construction Site Inspectors in Worcestershire

A clerk of works, also known as a site inspector will oversee the quality and safety of work on a construction site making sure that building plans and specifications are being followed correctly. We check that the construction is being carried out in accordance with the drawings, specifications and to the requisite quality. 

We are also able to offer more fluid construction inspection services to suit your specific requirements, be this a “once over” at the end of a job or a more rigorous visiting role.


What to Expect from a Clerks of Works


A Clerks of Works is the client’s eyes and ears on site. Their job is to inspect work as it is being carried out to ensure quality and value for money is maintained. They will focus on compliance, quality workmanship an checking the correct use and specification of materials are being used.

The clerks of works will provide practical advice when necessary in relation to construction details and methods and will identify and report defects which may cause disruption, delays and problems that might impact on the programme and future maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a problem is found?

The problem will be pointed out to the site foreman as they will be in charge to take the necessary steps from here. Unless there is a health and safety issue we can not stop any works. If an issue is not rectified, we can add this to our report which is given back to our client.

What are common defects a Clerks of Works finds?

This could be anything from an ill-fitting door in a fire compartment wall, poor joinery or plasterwork to bad electrical coiling. The main and bigger issues boil down to fire protection. Most of what is uncovered can be rectified within a week once the issues have been pointed out. 

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