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Professional & Efficient Structural Reports in Worcestershire

Structural engineer reports specialise in analysing the integrity of a property to establish any problems and suggest solutions. A property must withstand many factors within its lifetime such as weather, gravity and structure. 

We are licensed and qualified Structural Engineers who are qualified to inspect a property and provide you with a quick but detailed and accurate report highlighting any problems within the structure of the property and suggest any repairs necessary.

We also offer third party reports which is particularly relevant for new builds where someone independent is required to look at the building’s structural adequacy for either mortgage, peace of mind or insurance purposes.


What Can I Expect?


When homeowners first have their home inspected they may not realise the depth that a professional engineer would provide. A Structural Engineer is capable of checking the full structure of the home as well as other parts of the property. If they feel a roof inspection is also needed they may include that also. There may be problems uncovered in the foundations such as it being poorly designed, rotting wood or erosion. They will advise if you need to prepare for serious damage or a small repair of a harmless crack.

The inspection will not include any areas separate to the property such as Sheds, Pergolas or Decks.



Frequently Asked Questions

There is a crack in my wall - should it be repaired?

A structural engineer will look at the load transferred across the foundations, roof and walls and determine the root of the problem. It may be down to load but also design issues. It could be drainage or too much root growth. 

Remodelling a home - what structural issues should I be concerned with?

Improvement projects involve time and cost commitments but there could also be structural concerns along the way. You may be considering removing a wall, if so, you need to know if it is load bearing. You may also have sloped floors or bowed walls in basements which you need to correct. These all involve a structural engineer to measure, advise & provide the correct information and materials. It is important to instruct a structural engineer prior to any remodelling project.

What signs indicate that I might need an inspection?

If you have cracks appearing in walls and ceiling or if your ceiling is dropping; doors and windows are sticking or won’t close completely over a period of time; sloping window sills and door heads and/or sloping floors then it is likely you could have structural problems. You may also need to contact us if structural problems are mentioned in a surveyor’s report. 

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